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Jun 5, 2011

Student Council Lost Its First Game

Jews say, “We are the chosen people” while Arabs think that God has been online with them, spoke “with” then in Arabic, and promised them Palestine back. This along many other examples, come to my mind to be parallel with the “Great Students Council” at AUIS. Few words amused me when I heard this body of students has been created. Students, Council and AUIS, have always been source of limitless astonishment. Seven students became the “chosen students” but spoken “to” in English. On what base you may want to ask. Who are they and what this council is for? Or most importantly, who chose them?
Once, the Communication Department head played an unfair game with them. He gave them seven logos, different, as I was told, from all aspects, but unfortunately they could not make any differences. The goal was, when I asked, to have them choose one logo to be the university’s new logo which was to be set with the new name that was refused. It was unfair, they should have known that they were “fooled” and never asked them to cover the result of their shameful game. They were, the “Student Consul”, this suggest a lot for anyone. How is that happened? Why didn’t they notice anything or why did they play a game fearing the results?
+ They are form the “Best Students”, they answered when I asked who are they. I delighted as “best” exist at AUIS, yet I felt sorry for them as they “best” were used and fooled.
+ They are asked to write a constitution. Not much known about the constitution, but the first draft is at the Deen’s office probably to check its grammatical mistakes.
+ They were selected by their professors on the base of the As they have in their courses. With little scrutiny, one will soon understand that it is not the case. Even, if it would be the case, why only A students?
They were sent to the Dean. With tiniest amount of effort, one would imagine that they have been yield at, if not only once, many times.
What will the constitution be like? Perhaps, it will be a well written piece of writing like the one was posted on the door of my Comp instructor, “____ will not be have class today” Or further, I predict, it will be like the “Honor Code” posted on a wall opposite to the toilets. Many read it but very few understand its true meaning. It will be out soon and will without any hesitation be approved, as no one knows what is it about.

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