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Jun 5, 2011

AUAF Students Ask Student Eye for Help

A group of American University of Afghanistan students asks Student Eye for help. This comes after student Eye published a post of new dorm fees set by American University of Sulaimani.  In their post for Student Eye team, AUAF students wrote, ‘we (as the student at AUAF) have many difficulties in common.” 
They continue on explaining their situation in Afghanistan and the problems they face in their university. High dorm and tuition fees seem to be among their concerns. Meanwhile, for addressing their difficulties, AUAF students have decided to follow Student Eye model.
The reason of encouraging Student Eye by AUAF students “is to get some help and advice from you guys regarding how we can operate in a way to get most out of our movement.”
Student Eye team in return, have decided to give AUAF students all that can be presented for the sake of establishing a more fertile educational environment.

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