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May 21, 2011

EWPLI Becomes APP with no Prior Announcement

Without any prior announcement, EWPLI name is changed APP. EWPLI, English Writing Program Learning Institute, was established to help students before entering the Academic Program. Since the first days of AUIS, EWPLI program have faced many setbacks. The program used many textbooks to meet the need of the students; these seem to be not the source of the problems.  
As usual, the change comes unexpectedly and App or Academic Preparatory Program is replacing EWPLI.  
App, as it is described on AUIS’s new website, is “designed to help students build solid foundation in English”. Many professors in the Academic Program have complained, due to most of the students’ language relating difficulties.
This seems to be a crucial change that AUIS is planning to implement. Stay tuned, Student Eye Team is working on addressing this change and bringing answers for you unanswered questions.  
For now and more information, read the newly announced APP instructions on the AUIS’s official website here.

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