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May 19, 2011

Turnitin.com Manager Answers Student Eye's Questions on Plagiarism at AUIS

Ray Huang, Customer Programs Manager of Turnitin.com, in a letter, which comes as a respond to a letter sent by Student Eye Team, stated, “A school using Turnitin.com will see 30% improvements in originality.” 
This comes after AUIS purchased and asked to for help from Turnitin.com to fight plagiarism.
AUIS officials, through their announcements have shown their concerns and ranked plagiarism as a “big problem” that the school has been fighting against. As a result of this at the beginning of fall semester, Dean of the Students, Dr. James Harrigan, defined plagiarism as a “Culture” that the university will try to change.   
Mr. Huang, suggested that a long with the help form Turnitin, “Instructors must also do their part to teach students what plagiarism is and why they need to credit sources.” Thus, using Turnitin along with “Plagiarism lesson or tutorial significantly increases the impact” Mr. Hunag explained to Student Eye.
Since AUIS has been using Turnitin for only one semester, it will take time for students and instructors to see the results as Mr. Huang depicted.
Mr. Huang wrote to Students Eye Team and readers, “In the meantime, since this is a student blog, we offer some information on plagiarism, citation, and technology at our website, Plagiarism.org” (http://www.plagiarism.org/).
Student Eye Team, believe in the students’ capabilities and we hope students benefit from the tools that are provided to avoid plagiarism.  

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