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May 15, 2011

Student Eye Begins New Phase with a New Face

Student Eye launched a new term of activities under a new logo and with a new design.

The logo is created by our innovative designer Omer Nihad, and the new design is the result of the continous work of our designers team.

We hope that we can offer a lot more in the new phase as the sole independent student media at the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani.

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3 Comments: on "Student Eye Begins New Phase with a New Face"

Cardiac sympathetic said...

really nice new logo

Anonymous said...

Congratulations,,,,I wish Student Eye continues its way up to achieve its prime target,,,,

Muhammed said...

I hope you will make use of your blog. Every time I visit and something very useless is posted. Everyone would appreciate it if you have different sided arguments, not just attacks on the university. You will achieve none if the latter is not aimed for.

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