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May 17, 2011

Send Russ Baker E-mails: I am an AUIS student and I can Speak English

Russ Baker 

Russ Baker, http://russbaker.com/about/, an American journalist and the editor of whowhatwhy.com spoke to the Russia Today about the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani.

During his speech, he said that most of the AUIS students barely speak English! Student Eye suggests to all AUIS students to write Mr. Russ Baker e-mails to tell him that AUIS students can speak English.

Here is Mr. Russ Baker's e-mail: russ@russbaker.com 

Please write to him and tell him that you can speak English, in case he needed a translator! 

Here is the video of his Interview on Russia Today:

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2 Comments: on "Send Russ Baker E-mails: I am an AUIS student and I can Speak English"

hazha jabar said...

Walla i am going show him my English :)

Anonymous said...

I will let him know.

Hawkar Saeed

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