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May 14, 2011

The Only AUI-S Independent Student Media Prepares for a New Phase

On August 24, 2010 Student Eye began to see.

The voice of AUI-S students is not heard by anyone inside and outside the university. The students are the last to know about the decisions made and the last to have a say on them,” it wrote for the first time. “We want to put an end to this.”

Since then, Student Eye became the first and the only place where AUI-S community, especially students, could write, speak, see and hear freely.

Pressure on Student Eye began from the very first days of the hot 
Sulaimani summer.

So the second entry was an opinion piece by Dana Jaf.

Swimmers are those who swim not those who talk about swimming, and free people are those who act freely not those who chat about it,” he wrote.
Shalaw Fatah wrote  in his first article on the blog.

“We want to examine the red lines,” he  stated.

Some people inside AUI-S didn’t conceive the power of social media. They thought that Student Eye will last for a week. Their calculations were 

Student Eye continued and grew bigger and bigger with time resisting all kinds of pressure, accusation, and attempts to prevention.

Student Eye which aims at discovering truth and reform at the American University of Iraq-Sulaimnai has faced all kinds of pressure. While most of this pressure has been behind the closed doors, some of them have been public. Attacks on the blog have increased recently. However, Student Eye has not responded any of these attacks in the past. Most of them have been of a very low level both morally and academically.

Student Eye is one of the most active blogs throughout Iraq right now, and it will come out in a new form in the next few days. The bloggers are now busy with bringing new features and new aspects to the blog in order to offer more services to our AUI-S community. 

Student Eye is in debt for all the respect, appreciation, and support offered by our students and faculty members in addition to the lovers of free speech throughout world. 

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