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May 27, 2011

New Dorm Prices Shock AUIS Students

Dr. James Harrigan speaking to the dorm students -Archive 

The new dorm prices announced by the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani comes as shocking to the 
AUIS students.

The new prices announced by AUIS Rector range from $320 rooms to $720 per semester.
The current price of staying at an AUIS dorm is only $100.

According to the new pricing the dorm prices will be categorized according to the type of the rooms.

Private rooms of single occupancy and one bedroom cost $180 per month for each person. Rooms with double bedrooms and double occupancy for four people cost $105 per month for each person.  Rooms of three bedrooms and double occupancy for six people cost $80 per month for each person.

Afan Osman, an AUIS students and the admin of We will not Pay a Penny campaign on Facebook, asks if AUIS is a housing business.

Bawar Bnavi, another AUIS student who stays at Rona dorms, says that he was stunned when he saw the 
new prices.

"I can never pay such prices. I think these prices are only good for rich people not us," he claimed.

Bawar also asks students to come together against this decision."

Despite the high pricing made, the administration is not sure if the dorms at the new campus will be available by Fall.

"Construction of the dormitory building on the new campus is still in progress. It is possible that the new dormitory building will not yet be ready for occupancy in October," wrote AUIS rector. 

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3 Comments: on "New Dorm Prices Shock AUIS Students"

Anonymous said...

I am praying for financial aid students !!!


Anonymous said...

We will have to pay for using facilities. They will announce that soon.

Dara Ali said...


AUIS students don't bother yourself; your fears never turn out to be asked to pay more and more...!

AUIS needs money and, according to Plato-the American administer at AUIS, the best method to make money is to push students on the line by asking them the impossible...!

If I had known that AUIS would bend over backwards to make money in this [terrible] way, I would not have applied to AUIS...!

Is AUIS eligible to study in? I smell a rat...!

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