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May 28, 2011

AUIS Students Discuss New Dormitory Prices on Monday

A previous campaign by AUIS students - Student Eye photo

A group of students at the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani announced a meeting about the new dorm prices on Monday. 

The group has created an event on Facebook inviting all AUIS dorm students for "extensive discussion about AUI-S's decision regarding raising dorm fees for the next year."

Sarbast Majeed, one of the students, told spoke to Student Eye about Monday's event.

"We, as the AUIS students staying at the dorms, will come together to discuss AUIS's decision to raise the prises. We want to reach a united decision regarding the new prices," he said.

Sarbast also says that they recognize AUIS's right to charge fees for the dorms. 

"We know that AUIS is a private university which means it is normal to find services like dorms in exchange for some amount of money. But we believe that the new prices are too high. We will suggest some ideas to the dorm students in the meeting and let them decide for themselves," he stated. 

The new prices announced by AUIS Rector range from $320 rooms to $720 per semester.
The current price of staying at an AUIS dorm is only $100.

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