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May 14, 2011

Fun with AUI-S ( That Letter S )

by Astios 

I would have never believed that some people would be so proud of themselves to attempt change English language. They wanted to remove letter (S) from the dictionary. However, they and their focus groups couldn't figure out what would happen to life without (S).

S is the first letter of the angel who caused human life to be on Earth : Satan.

S is the first letter of the process which brings everyone to life: Sex 

Without S, there want be any salad to eat with rice and beans, no safety, no sandwiches for lunch, no Santa Claus on Christmas, no satellite, no sea, no seasons, no savings, no school, no science, and many other nos.

It is only that letter which keeps the difference between Osama and Obama! 

But they tried to remove the S, and failed of course, because life is impossible without S. 

The funny thing was that they administration had wanted to remove S from AUI-S in secret! Yes, they had wanted to remove S from the official name of AUI-S without anyone's knowledge! It is like farting among 100 people and want them not to hear it! 

In fact to compare that decision to farting is in no way unfair. That decision was as embarrassing as farting in front of a crowd! 

I mean look at it! You come to a city, live in its free apartments, use its free transportation, and get a huge land for free with hundreds of millions for donations from its rich people, and then you attempt to remove the city from the university's name!

But one can say that by removing Sulaimani, people from Basra will tend to be more willingly to apply to the university! So according to this logic by removing Sulaimani from the name everything will seem cooler! But according to my information Sulaimani is the safest and most business friendly part of Iraq! 

In fact most of our faculty members have lied to their families about their real location. One of the teachers told me that this was the conversation that had occurred between her and her family before coming to AUI-S to teach:

Family: Where are you going to teach?

She: I am going to teach in Sulaimani. 

Family: Where is Sulaimani?

She: It is somewhere in Kurdistan. 

Family: And where is Kurdistan?

She: It is near to the Turkey!

Family: Oh! ok... ok 

But now imagine if she had answered with Iraq, then the conversation would have been this way:

Family: Where are you going to teach?

She: In Iraq! 

Family: You should be completely out of your mind.

Now, I know that this is not a very realistic image of Iraq. Iraq has grown much better since 2003 and there are parts in Iraq that are just as safe as any other European country, but that is the reality! 

And they tell us that by removing Sulaimani people would have been more interested in the project! 

I have one small advice for the administration. I know you had made the decision in secret even without informing some of the members of the Board of Trustees, but I hope you will keep the secret more tight this time! 

Isn't it a shame that faculty members knew about the name change on the Facebook wall posts of the students? 

So I think this should be the motto of the AUI-S administration for the next few months:

"Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me!" 

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2 Comments: on "Fun with AUI-S ( That Letter S )"

Anonymous said...

First, happy rebirth to student eye after it was given pause.
Second, I hope the board trustees and the administration of the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani reconsider themselves and have taken a lesson from Students’ campaign against removing the letter “S,” intended to be done secretly. The board of university should figure out that the campaign not only denoted that students were not willing to remove the letter, but also it indicated that students no longer tolerate corruption with any form. We “Every member of AUI-S” should be honest with ourselves and not take actions secretly if our tendency is to progress the university and to flaunt AUI-S with its liberty.
Italians say “Secrecy is the beginning of tyranny.”

A Kurdish Student said...

you do not have to take students side so blindly to acheive their love. a wise blog would consider both sides and poke holes in both sides argument and leave the judgement to the readers. this would make any blogger independent and netural. it seems you believe that being independent is about not taking money or fund from anybody. real independent proves itself in the way information represents. you were reluctant to discuss the reasons behind the change and called the change unwise while it looks like your demand and emotional protest was unwise.
do not think this writen by enemy.

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