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Apr 7, 2011

Fun With AUI-S (A Short Interview)

?What is recession
It is when you go to Erbil by bus, play with Ishk college's soccer team and loose
What is depression?
It is when you go to Erbil by bus, play with Ishk college's soccer team and loose 17-0

What is an honor code?
It is something on a wall. Everyone looks at it but no one cares
Who is the best teacher?
The best teacher is our teacher. She/ He never teaches full time. We, because of some reasons, end class 30 minutes early.
Who is luckiest teacher?
The most successful teacher is my teacher. He/She taught at EWPLI, taught very bad, but became an academic professor.
What is the thing that hurts you the most?
It is when I see some girls kissing. I think we need to begin to be more cautious about these things.
If you had to hide something, where would you put it and why?
I would put it somewhere between cabin 40-44 for they are designed in a way that only a high IQ person gets to them in 15 minutes
What is a disaster?
It is a teacher doesn't know how to teach a class
What is a big disaster?
It is when you have more than one teacher like that
How do you know that you are the most eligible person for a program abroad?
It is when you have connection
Why don't most teachers eat at the cafeteria and go outside to buy falafel?
While it cannot be for financial reasons, the only explanation is that they want to let the students have some time off
Why AUI-S boys like winds?
Because it helps them get something out of wearing black glasses
What is the equation for the AUI-S couples who fit each other (Teachers and students included)?
X = no. of couples divided by no. AUI-S teachers and student times zero
What do we call someone who tries a lot to solve an IT problem but cannot do it?
AUI-S IT Department
When do you know that you are not safe at AUI-S?
It is when you go through the metal detector
How do you know things will hopefully get better at AUI-S?
Because there is an independent and trustworthy blog like Student Eye


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10 Comments: on "Fun With AUI-S (A Short Interview)"

Anonymous said...

Mr. Student eye, just one question.
What do you mean by "Because it helps them get something out of wearing black glasses" ?????

Anonymous said...

It means wind makes the short skirts to move away, and then boys can see girls' panties, which girls do it intentionally while there is wind.
Does it make any sense?
or you need more explanation?

Anonymous said...

this website violates the girls right. because you don't have the right to talk about the girls at AUI-S. And Because there will be a time when your sister will study in the university, so you can't talk about them in the form of "all.". you should think twice before you publish things like that.

hama said...

U guys think ur so cool writing this kind of shit ??

Anonymous said...

By writing a great, awesome, and full of criticizing thing like this by AUI-S students, now, I believe AUI-S is successful in terms of education and making intelligent students like you. I am proud of you! Keep your eyes on the pains we do not dare to say for some reason!

Anonymous said...

I love how the 4 blog writers or their 4 friends jump on and say that this article is GREAT. Do something else like the rest of us do. Do you reall think the best students are here NO they are working!

Anonymous said...

as long as we have Mr. Andy as the AUI-S soccer team coach, we are cool!!!! we will never let any team to score more than 17 goals on us. wallah if i train the soccer team, i would make a much better coach than Mr. Andy. He even deosn't know how to play soccer!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

when do you realize that a liberal arts university is the best type of university?
it is when a biology professor teachs history, interesting!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

When we know that AUI-S administration listens to students? It is when the students recognize a teacher as poor or not qualified on the evaluation sheets in the end of each semester, but AUI-S promotes them to ACADEMIC program. Interesting!!!!!

عشتار العراقية said...

This is to the moderators,

Hi, Please check this link


I am talking here about your blog. This is article no. 14 (the last but one) of my investigation of the AUI-S

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