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Feb 21, 2011

Student Eye: Thanked it's supporters and calls for calm and reasonable steps

We are all nothing but free speech thirsty individuals; thus, whenever there is a threat to our simple and worthwhile philosophy, we will speak up and support the enfeebled needy one. While we congratulate our readers and ourselves on releasing Dana Newzer, we thank those who assisted us to see the fruit of our labor. Today, most of AUI-S students proved that they care much about the suffering of their friends; we
 appreciate your provision and concerns. Form here and with both joy and uncertainty, we promise to push forward without hesitation hereafter. We are happy since our friend is free, and we understand the challenges ahead to overcome. Unfortunately, in many places protesters are getting out of control and security forces harshly crash on them.
We believe it’s part of our national duty to partake in bringing changes about, but peacefully. It is also part of our duty to help the situation to take a good-natured path. Therefore, we humbly ask, let’s start from ourselves and let’s make the protests we participate as peaceful as possible. We believe in your potentials, and we are sure that you all understand to power of dialog and negotiation. Student Eye strongly ask students to calm down and encourage others as well.
Bahman A. Hassan
On behalf of Student Eye Team

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