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Feb 23, 2011

Some Students Reject Their New Instructors Before Taking Their Classes

 Tomorrow, Thursday, Feb. 24, 2011, will be the last day of the fall semester. Students are taking their last final exams, and they are patiently waiting for final grades. While we congratulate AUI-S students, we wish you all the best with the exams.
We are worried about announcing that many instructors have been rejected by the students. However, many times Student Eye tried to inform the AUI-S administration, this issue is revealed after the office of the Registrar decided to give freedom to the students to choose their classes and instructors for spring semester. Student Eye followed this issue and contacted the office of the Registrar. We tried to find out the most rejected instructors and the reasons of their rejection by the students, but we were told their names cannot be announced for “maintaining academic records”  
Students gave various reasons for their rejections while we tried to find out the reasons. One student, who didn’t want his name to be mentioned, told Student Eye, “This week has been one of the busiest weeks for the office of the Registrar. Students want to change their classes not because of the time of classes or their contents, but because of the distorted reputation of the instructors.” Meanwhile, the office of the Registrar had assured that all the cases have been treated “in the same way”. 
“Easy, benevolent graders, friendly and those instructors who give less homework are among the top chosen instructors. “No one really cares about what they learn or how they learn, but everyone does care about getting high grades.” Krekar Warty, a freshman of International Studies, told Student Eye while he was carrying his next semester’s class timetable. In contrast, “we are constrained by a number of factors. These include the goals to keep classes small” Nathan Musselman, the AUI-S Acting Registrar, responded when we asked, why some of the instructors are rejected? 

We wanted to get the name of the instructors who have been rejected. Unfortunately, the university rejected to give us that information.
Student are worried and questioning the silence while this issue was formerly mentioned on many occasions. “This message (the rejection of instructors), must be taken into account seriously by the university as a strong warning” Hawre Najmadin told Student Eye.
 We were asking students who were having problems with their future class instructors. Students had mixed feelings on each of their instructors. Many were accusing them to be harsh, disrespectful in class and not giving good grades when it comes to grades.
We hope the university administration understands this profound fraction. The university must immediately conduct an investigation on the hours that are wasted while they are expected to be spending wisely. We are not suggesting or calling for dismissing instructors, but we are calling for an immediate supervision and revision of procedures.

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Anonymous said...

I can assure you that Dr. Richard Laribee is the top professor and he'd be chosen by all.

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