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Feb 16, 2011

Student Eye Publishes Contract of First AUI-S Chancellor: $1000,000 Insurance, $320,000 Salary, $250,000 bonus

Dr. Owen Cargol
Student Eye has reached a document which is a signed contract between the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani and Dr. Owen Cargol, first AUI-S chancellor. 

According to the contract, Dr. Owen Cargol would be given $1000,000 in advance covering his life insurance in case of death or kidnapping in Suli.

Dr. Cargol's salary, also according to the contract, was $320,000 per year. He was also to be given $250,000 for any activity he will do in the future.

Here are some of the bonuses:

- Establishing EWPLI, $70,000 bonus.
- Initiation of BBA and BS, $100,000
- Initiation of campus construction, $40,000
- Fund raising for AUI-S, $40,000

The contract states that Dr. Cargol's wife will be given the opportunity to apply for a university position.

The contract also says that a house, household staff, a car and its maintenance, furnishings, and security will be provided for Dr. Cargol by AUI-S.

Dr. Cargol also would have 60 days of paid vacation in a year, 3 university related trips to U.S., bringing all his stuff from Abu Dhabi and to Seattle.

The contract was signed by Basil Al- Rahim from AUI-S's side. Basil Al- Rahim died in an airplane accident in Sulaimani, last week.

It is also worth mentioning that Dr. Cargol was fired from AUI-S only after few months of his work as the first AUI-S chancellor.

The contract was signed by the two parties on March 18, 2007.

Click on the images to see the full contract between Dr. Cargol and AUI-S.

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8 Comments: on "Student Eye Publishes Contract of First AUI-S Chancellor: $1000,000 Insurance, $320,000 Salary, $250,000 bonus"

Anonymous said...

Amazing, amazing , amazing...hhhhhhhhhhh
What pack of fools we are(Arabs and Kurds)hhhhhhhh

Is this contract real?
You must be joking Dana, it is beyond everyone's comprehension of how in the world happens someone receives $320,000 salary and 250,000 bonus per year in Iraq!!!!!!!!

This is a very nice joke--and you know what, they deserve that because no one is allowed to ask how much they gain per month or year--these Americans are real extraterrestrials who came to Iraqi-Kurdistan to make $570,000 DOLLARS nest to me while I spend only $100 per month to live at the dormitory..

I am so sorry dude, I cannot believe if it is true. You must be fooling us Dana..! I do not believe it ever-$570,000 per year--it is just a joke, isn't it really?????????????

I am mentally ruined and, sorry, I cannot believe if that is true..


[A transplanted student]

Anonymous said...

Why are the only possible reactions funny, interesting or cool?

Anonymous said...

I even do not know how to read that number. it would be better if you write it hehehehe.
guyz dont be shocked because Iraq has oil and can develop and get everything.but those numbers are amazing, are they the same in the US? what a hell. it seems that Iraq is more expensive to have professors or teachers.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1 no one is telling you that you should believe in that. just be cool and do not get angry so you will not get sick. :D
we here about these numbers only in Egyptians movies :)))))

Mark G said...

As I reported in Nov. 2009, Josh Mitchell was making about $500,000 per year. Professors make at least $100,000. EWPLI teachers at least $60,000, and the same for CED instructors. Those salaries are substantially higher than most university jobs in the States, esp. since they're tax-free AND living expenses (aka nice apartments) are also paid for separately by AUI-S. They calculate that it's necessary to have those salaries in order to attract faculty. And they try to get their money's worth, believe me. Admin treat faculty like crap. The real problems are admin and the bloated salaries at the top.

Anonymous said...

wow what fools we are..just let the americans come and take all that money..no wonder these teachers have come to suly..money..!!!... but that amount is just too much..what does this mna even do..sit in a office all day..even i can do that!!

Anonymous said...

why do you guys care about this!! who cares about how much they get as long as they help us learn! who would come to Iraq and teach if they dont get a high salary?! be realistic!

عشتار العراقية said...

who would come to Iraq and teach if they dont get a high salary?!

What about Iraqi academics? we have the best.

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