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Feb 16, 2011

Head of KRG IT Department to have a Lecture at AUI-S Tomorrow

Botan Mahmud Osman
Botan Osman, the head of Kurdistan Regional Government's Information Technology department, will visit AUI-S and give a lecture on Thursday, February 17, 2011. 

The event, which is organized by ASITA club, will be held at 2:30 pm, room 26. 

Sarbast Majeed, an AUI-S IT junior, says that it is a great privilege for AUI-S to host Botan Osman's lecture. 

"This even will represent a turning point for AUI-S as a leading academic institution and its IT department, students and faculty. The KRG IT is the highest authority that deals with Information technology in this region," he said. "recently we noticed many leading high tech firms such as Google, Microsoft and Dell visiting the KRG IT as recognized entity. I’m pleased to be a pert of this event and confidant that it will be beneficial."

Sarbast also encourages students interested in IT to come to the event.

KRG IT department, which is founded in 2007, defines itself as the " led Information Technology agency in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq."

The department says that they have a five year IT strategy for the region.

Imagine Cup Flyer 

The department announced its participation in this year's Imagine Cup, a yearly competition directed by Microsoft Corporation.

A delegation of KRG IT and Microsoft corporation visited AUI-S and gave explanations about the Imagine Cup competition. .
Information Technology agency in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
AUI-S's IT students are preparing themselves with enthusiasm for the competition.

Follow Botan Osman on Twitter. http://twitter.com/botanosman
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