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Feb 28, 2011

Student Eye is not Responsible for Kurdistanpost's News

Kurdistanpost.com, a famous Kurdish website, has published a "declaration by some AUI-S students" threatening the administration with a strike if AUI-S didn't respond to their demands.

While we are not related to that group of students and we don't care if there is such a group or not, the news has shown Student Eye's news as their sources.

We want to inform all of our readers that we are not related in any way to that website, declaration or group of students. Student Eye will say its opinions here on the blog and nowhere else.
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2 Comments: on "Student Eye is not Responsible for Kurdistanpost's News"

Anonymous said...

Could you post the link of Kurdistanpost's news also?

Anonymous said...

why didn't you post the link of K.P's news, sucker?

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