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Feb 19, 2011

AUI-S Students are not Ready for the Final Exams

This is a message to the AUI-S administration,

Under the current security situation in Sulaimani, AUI-S students, especially those living in Sulaimani are not ready to enter the final exams tomorrow.

The mental conditions we live in doesn't allow us to concentrate on the exams.

We are a part of the events and we cannot ignore what is going on these hours at the center of the city.

We ask the administration to postpone the exams if they really care about the academic success of their students.

A group of AUI-S students
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9 Comments: on "AUI-S Students are not Ready for the Final Exams"

Anonymous said...

They never care, unless one the staff gets hurt.
No matter what the students feel AUI-S administration will not care.

Anonymous said...

Shame on the administration.

Anonymous said...

Why do Kurds always like to look for excuses? It's just a small demonstration!!!

Anonymous said...

Is that fair to go to the exams while our fellow citizens are killed and wounded on the streets?

Banaz Omer

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous. Stop whining, kids.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with this message because we should finish the final exam as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

rediculous, guys

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't the protests, it would be some other reason exams should be postponed. It's raining! Exams should be postponed. Oh my goodness, my lucky pair of jeans are dirty! I now cannot possibly take the final. Terror! Two tests are on the same day! Impossible!

Students, if you cannot concentrate and juggle more than one thing at a time, you are going to have serious problems in the adult world. If anything, you should be angry with the protestors for picking such an inconvenient time for you to protest.

Anonymous said...

A group of Auis-Idiots not Students. Banaz shut up with this compassion stuff.

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