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Jan 24, 2011

Student Eye Exclusive: First Millionaire at AUI-S

A source, which wants to keep its ID anonymous, told Student Eye that one of the AUI-S administrators is a millionaire.

The source also said that the millionaire administrator has arrived recently. The millionaire is also male not female.

According to the source, there is the millionaire administrator has at least $1000, 000.

The source was not ready to give the name or any other information on that AUI-S administrator.

American University of Iraq-Sulaimani was established by Dr. Barham Salih, Kurdistan Region Prime Minister.

The first chancellor was Dr. Owen Cargol, who served for few months only.

Dr. Joshua Mitchell, a George Town professor, succeeded Dr. Cargol, serving as the acting chancellor for two years.

Dr. John Agresto, a member of Paul Bremer's administration in Iraq, was the AUI-S provost until last November.

The university's current provost is Dr. Athanasios  Moulakis, a former professor at the German Universities and the American University of Afghanistan.

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6 Comments: on "Student Eye Exclusive: First Millionaire at AUI-S"

Anonymous said...

please let me know if you got more information.

hidayet said...

please let me know as well if you get any information.

Anonymous said...

i need more info, too, please..

Anonymous said...

How childish and a waste of time. Well done fellas, you managed to turn what was already mediocre by all standards and turn it into a tabloid. Open your beady little Kurdish eyes, there are millionaires all around you at AUI-S. Half the student body are millionaires. Great work and keep up the good job!

Anonymous said...

This is not reporting; this is baseless speculation.

Hopefully you're next posts have some real information, not just rumors.

Anonymous said...

So what if there is? Does that make them unqualified to be an administrator for the university?

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