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Jan 22, 2011

The South Eastern Cabin: the Government of My Corrupted Class

by: Bahman Abdulrahman                                                  
 “Let’s keep it simple, but not too simplistic” 
Bahman A. Hassan
Chaos would perfectly describe my studying at AUI-S. Why? Simply, I don’t know! It may be either because I am a distributive student or it is an orderly chaos. I usually attend three of the South Eastern PVC cabins but I usually come out empty handed. I regularly go to the “Cabins” before my “instructors”, they are quite punctual. They are usually confusing me.
I don’t whether I should try to learn, or I should get high grades? Ironically, I was told “You all will pass by default”. It was the sweetest statement that a lazy student would ever want to hear. Perhaps, it’s the condition in all “theatrical liberal institutions”. My Cabins is exactly like the rest.  I, alongside my classmates, have been “given” so many (A)s. I was flabbergasted, as long before I thought most of the time such high grades are the reflection of good students. The second thing AUI-S lacks after money.
      Everyone is trying to get high grades, but the grads are coming out of nowhere. Basically you don’t have to bother, you will have a couple (A+)s no matter you study or not. Your star will always shine if you are a “girl”. I have noticed the “A+” students mostly do not in fact deserve it. Couple days ago, I saw a group of my friends were gathering a round one single computer; I asked what is the matter (in a British accent)? I shocked when they said, “We are taking an IT quiz”. That was magnificent (in American accent), as they all got 100 percent. I am lucky because I don’t have similar “stupidizing” quizzes.
    Last Thursday, I decided to declare “The Government of My Class”, I have not yet passed any law, or as it’s called in politics “Constitution”. My government will be, Anarchical Constitutional Democracy. You don’t have to try to understand. Everyone is free and who desires can join in. The government is in its full liberal Democratic shape especially in the Comp-class. Constitutionally, I give the total right to anyone to argue and write about anything that pleases the populace. Last Thursday, We have had a persuasive essay assignment. According to Article I of the unfinished constitution, “Students shall be free to indicate any topic they craving”
Topics of The last Assignment were:

Prostitution shall be allowed
“It’s your body, you are free how to use it”
Schools must be closed.
“Studying is just wasting time”
Democracy is not the best political system.
“out dated doctrine, does not fit the age of “Prostitutionism”
Guns must be legalized.
“If you don’t possess a gun, you are more easily killed”
No more Gentile mutilation.
“It will decapitate female sexual desire”
No for a democratic Iraq.
“ It doesn’t fit Iraq”
Iran must have nuclear weapon.
“ While Israel has nukes, Iran must have it also”
Capital punishment must be allowed.

Quran and modern science.

Headscarves must be banned in Islamic countries.
“Saudi Arabia must follow France”

Children must work.

Drugs must be legalized.

Homosexuality must be legalized.
“while prostitution is to be allowed, homosexuality must also be allowed”
Wikileaks: rise of the politics of the people.
“Governments must be unclothed”   

As you all see, there is no limits. It is the only place where chaos is called “Freedom” I asked the lady who wrote about Prostitutionism, a word created by Krekar Warty. Why you chose this subject. I was not sure, she really believes the subject  she chose and the side she took. She said “I do not believe it; I just want to get high grades”. It has always been easier to choose controversial topics, but they will never tell the capability of the students
The Government of My Class via Student Eye will publish latest occurrences. Stay tuned, the grades will result in conflicts between Free Subjects and the supremacy of the “instructors”. One final thing, the end of the semester is approaching; don’t be deceived by your grades. Evaluation forms will be the last chance to make changes.         

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10 Comments: on "The South Eastern Cabin: the Government of My Corrupted Class"

Anonymous said...

Well-written and good subject... It's interesting too. Although the tone is very critical, one may excess the reality.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hhhhhhhhhh perffect. shake it baby!111111111

Anonymous said...

when I talked to the one who wrote about "Prostitution shall be allowed" and criticised her, I swear she was going to slap me. She was really "breave" to write about that topic.

Guess what??? "it is necessary to have prostitutions in this country", she, the essay writer, told me lauging and making fun of my "close mind". STRANGE AND INTERESTING TOPIC.

Anonymous said...

that is why I chose this topic. I knew that prostitution is necessary. It reduces unemployment

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Very economic way of thinking! Need job? contact the essay writer, she may find you a "job". lols

Anonymous said...

Good lord. You need to proofread an article before publishing it.

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