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Jan 21, 2011

Let's Get Ready, 100 are Coming!

by Mahdi Abdullah Murad 
Mahdi A. Murad
Last week, Timothy Doyle told us that AUI-S will be accepting another 100 students for the spring semester. 
Indeed AUI-S should be the home for the brilliant students of this country, but can THIS AUI-S accept another 100?

We can figure out the answer by examining the capacity dormitories, classes, cafeteria, computer labs, and toilets.

Bear with me for a while!
Let's first start with the dorms. The dorms? Yes, I know you have read, heard and seen a lot on this subject. We all saw the humanity dram at the Manolya dormitory. Academic Dean of Students himself admitted that "Manolya was not a place for human beings."
I am not to repeat all the misery here. See my report on the dorms to get an image of the situation, which after Student Eye's coverage, has gotten better.

However there are still problems.
These dorms don't have the capacity for another crowd. If half of the coming students, at least, needed to stay at the dorm, that is 50 students.
The current dormitories don't have free space for 5, let alone 50.
So I wander, where would they put these students?
Huh…! What about the cafeteria?
Has any of you seen how much crowded the cafeteria is during the lunch or even normal times.
Once I blamed the owner of the cafeteria for the food was really cold and I almost missed my class. He answered, “There are a lot of the students who are coming together at once. We can’t manage such a number of the students easily.” 
Good Luck to the cook!
What will you do next semester? 100 more are coming.

I seriously believe that AUI-S should hire some traffic police.
Yes, we need some traffic police to regulate the 400 students at a small building with very narrow entries.
Just ask yourself, how many time have you hit someone's shoulder near the glass doors of the main building?
Now, imagine if we added another 100 to this crowd!
The toilets, especially the ones at the main building, are not enough!
I am not saying our metabolic activities as Iraqis are faster than the others, I am just saying we don't have enough place there.
I have never sit there in peace! There is always someone waiting outside!
The 100 who are coming are humans too! They have an alienable right to the pursuit of happiness as well!

And the labs…
The most crowded spot on our planet, I believe, are the AUI-S computer labs.
Every computer has three or four students working on. When you need to print something, you can't log in your account because there is no computer left! The number of students using the labs is three times 20 times the number of the laptops.

So, let's get ready. 100 are coming!

*Mahdi Abdullah Murad is an Information Technology freshman at the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani. 

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10 Comments: on "Let's Get Ready, 100 are Coming!"

Anonymous said...

Good job, nicly done. One,but good suggestion came to my mnid. It will be practical if AUI-S dismised someof its old students, including this Blog's staff....

Mahdi Abdullah Murad said...

Mr. Anonymous, "I will never call things good in order to make them better."

Anonymous said...

then your betteness may be sombody eles's worse.......

Anonymous said...

Karwan Gaznay
First of all, I want to answer the gentleman who had such an incredible suggestion to Mahdi about having excessive amount of students, hhh. I am happy that AUIS has wonderful and unimaginable students like you to have such a marvelous proposals, dah. But I have a suggestion for you too, pleas be vigilant about yourself. I am afraid that Japan or other progressive countries will abduct you, you know why? Just to suggest them this kind of recommendations because you have sophisticated and meticulous thoughts, really, please ask university to provide bodyguards for you.

Secondly, let me add a short story to Mahdi’s article.
Once accidently, I went to the cafeteria and asked for having a sandwich! I got it and waited to the vendor to say the price!! Surprisingly, he said 2500ID; I was shocked because the same thing could be bought by 500ID! But from this price I deduced why %70 of the students and some of the faculty go to outside instead staying and wasting money at the universities’ cafeteria.

Mahdi Abdullah Murad said...

Mr. anonymous, I will be ready to pay a fine if that happened.

Anonymous said...

well done kaka Mahdi. waLa your article is imprssive and well-written. I totally support your argument. I think, it's time to AUI-S's staffs to gather themselves together because something unexpected is waiting for them.

Mahdi Abdullah Murad said...

I thank you dear anonymous. AUI-S is ours not the satff member's, so we gotta do something to protect AUI-S from being (GANDAL) like other institutions!

Anonymous said...

Just to be clear, Mahdi, although 100+ applicants may be accepted there is no way that we will have 100 new students start at uni. Perhaps 50 may come, but it will probably be less than that. Don't worry, there will be plenty of cafeteria food for everyone! hhhhhhhhh

Mahdi Abdullah Murad said...

But what about Mr. Tim's speech on the media conferance?!

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those new students, and I'm already loving this blog. Great work!

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