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Jan 16, 2011

Ladies First!

By Karwan Gaznay 
The rational, Ladies First, is not really native to my country’s blood, but “brilliant” students at AUIS follow it because they are treated as American students in the States, imaginably. Moreover, some fancy that by using this practically, it becomes a good bridge to be pretend being Americans.

Pay heed to that, this realistic story occurred to a friend of mine once; he said that he was speaking to a teacher of him, Mr. Girlish, about something that was significant and needed.
Suddenly and surprisingly, the teacher had left him; he said that he became shocked. But when he turned around, he understood what took the teacher to another field! There was an eye-catching girl standing behind and waiting for Mr. Girlish.
He took that in his mind, and one day he asked the teacher about that accident? Mr. Girlish very confidently had told my friend “Ladies first.”
I agree, but wait a minute!
I am speculating if it works for every situation…
If we have a tussle in class would this concept work? If we have a problem or a class undergoes a bad situation, would the ladies be penalized first?   Assuredly and assertively the answer is no.
 This might still be true for the native teachers, but what about the students?
Isn't it the right time to change this "Ladies First" mentality in AUI-S?
Formerly I read that “The best speaker of the second language is the best imitator,” but don’t forget this just works for language not for the morality.
I am not saying that we don’t have to respect the girls, what I am saying is that we have to think what we do toward boys and girls, both.
Frankly, the consequences of treating inversely between girls and boys at AUIS live terrible ramifications on the students’ behavior and mood.
 Subsequently, some students don’t participate in classes because of these differences. Closer to hand, I have a friend, and he never participates in his classes. The poor boy is not active in class because his teacher never tells him, "well done." While even the stupidest remarks from a girl is applauded by him and described as, "amazing".

*Karwan Gaznay is a EWPLI4 student at the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani 

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6 Comments: on "Ladies First!"

Anonymous said...

This is nature kak Karwan, one day you will be a professor and you'll see it for yourself. Nature is very coercive, sometimes you do things you can't control. Ladies are the first for men and men are the first for women, so instead of this argumentation one may ask for more female professors to balance the situation.

Muhammad said...

Kak Karwan do not forget that ladies are very fragile and thier hearts may break very easily. girls are like butterflies, and they may fly and never come back.so, you may lose what you have worked for just in a minute if you do not follow the concept " ladies first".

Anonymous said...

Well done karwan and your classmate, instead of the girlish people.itz a realistic vision

Anonymous said...

This article is a perfect example of how sexism and bad writing go together.

Anonymous said...

You are obviously not benefiting from the education you are supposed to be receiving.......

music said...

well done brakam its nice writing report-store any other thing to improve your English skill which i have find easy to do it well done ever so........

From Rasul Your Brather and Shokhan my wife

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