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Jan 16, 2011

AUI-S Security: No Terrorists Arrested Near Manolya

A scene of the street where
Manolya is located

An AUI-S security official told Student Eye that there has been no incident of arresting terrorists near Manolya, one of the four AUI-S dormitories. 

"After the news was published in Student Eye, we contacted all security forces in Sulaimani, including Asaysh and Anti-Terror and they said no terrorist has been caught near to the Manolya dormitory," said the official who preferred to stay anonymous.  
The official didn't find any reasonable justification for any terrorist attack on an AUI-S dormitory. 

"The while story doesn't make sense. Why would a group of terrorists get together and take videos of an AUI-S dormitory?" he asked. "I am sure that the source behind the news has some special interests in publishing such news."

Earlier this month, Student Eye got some news on arresting some suspected terrorists while taking videos of Manolya dormitory. 

Student Eye contacted the source again. The source, which was an eyewitness, retold the story with slight changes. 

The source said that the information was true and he had witnessed the "terrorists" while taking videos of Manolya. However, he was not clear if they were caught right there or not. 

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