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Dec 13, 2011

“The Exam was too easy”

While some students were busy studying for their Statistics exam, some others were busy with how to get the questions. Finally, they could get the test and in few hours the test become in the hand of most of the students.
Thus, before taking the test, most of the students had the questions. And the result is expected to be astonishing.
This has been a serious problem for AUI-S instructors. Every now and then exam questions are publicized. So far, no one says anything about this problem and students are seemed to be happy.

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2 Comments: on "“The Exam was too easy”"

Anonymous said...

So who is fault is this??

Anonymous said...

I have been following this blog for some time now and felt it appropriate to provide some humble feedback. On one hand you criticize faculty and administration on being to harsh with punishment and not giving them what you mistakening call "freedoms". Then you turn around and chastize them for you students stealing exams and behaving like cheaters with no academic integrity what so ever - or any intergrity as honest people. In the end, for most educated people reading this blog, it seems as though no one, except you of course, can do anything right. I have let many people read your writings and most are left with the same reaction - scratching their heads and making comments about if you are a fair example of what Iraqi students have to offer, there is very little hope. For someone like yourself to somehow justify everything you do, even if it seems like you feel justified in everything you do just because you "feel" it, I am afraid what the Western world has to teach you is lost, and wasted on those who are too concerned with convincing people that you are right than actually being right. Sorry, but until now I always hoped AUI-S would succeed but now after seeing this as a product of all this effort, I am not so sure any more.

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