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Nov 26, 2011

AUIS Dorm Students Want to Take Action

AUIS dorm students meeting to discuss their issues last semester

The American University of Iraq-Sulaimani's dorm students complain about the lack of some basic services such as electricity and want to take action.

The AUIS boys staying at the dorm in Raparin quarter say their dorm lacks many services.

"Unbearable living conditions at the AUIS dorm, no electricity, no fire escape, no internet, , no elevator, and the closest market is 15 minutes walking." Writes Sarbast Rashid, a dorm student, to his friends.

Sarbast also asks for better management of the AUIS revenue.

"AUIS spends huge amounts of money on meaningless delegations and willing to pay thousands of dollars for them, while the students of its dormitory suffer from lack of funding," wrote Sarbast.

Last year, the AUIS dorm students staying at the Manolya dormitory organized different events to put pressure on the AUIS administration for better living standards at the dorms.

Some students are collecting signatures in the dorm to ask for better services.

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