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Sep 10, 2011

Fun with AUIS "Beautiful Girls"

By Astios 

One News and some Comments

The News: AUIS Uses some Beautiful Girls at AUIS in its New Ads for the University

A pessimist boy:
Do we really have any beautiful girls at AUIS?

Another girl:
That is discrimination. AUIS shouldn't differentiate between its students based on beauty. Didn't Jefferson say 
"All women were created equal?"

Dr. Cargol, first AUIS chancellor:
I really don't care. That is not attractive in anyway.

A Business Student:
Beauty doesn't attract customers anymore. Iraqi people have begun to listen to their minds instead of their hearts when it comes to money.

A student intending to apply:
If that is so, I don't have to worry about my classes at AUIS

A financial aid student:
I think AUIS has put a price on that as well

Dr. Barham Salih:
That is absolutely another embodiment of my slogan, "Krdar Sharta" -Actions Count-

Dr. Aso Salih, head of security:
I don't care if there are beautiful girls in the ads, but I will not allow them to stay alone in the cabins -if there were any in the new campus-

Ms. Rosalind:
Since there is no grammar mistake there, it is fine.

A sexist boy:
Boys are not only stronger than the girls, but they are also more beautiful than them. Boys should be used in the ads instead of girls

A religious student:
This is another sin committed by AUIS. Beautiful girls are the most deceptive trick of Satan

A girl participated in the ads:
We are not in the ads because of our beauty only, but because of our intelligence as well. Should I write my GPA to prove it?

An AUIS student who has been reading philosophy lately:
What is beautiful for you can be ugly for me because beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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1 Comments: on "Fun with AUIS "Beautiful Girls""

Nawras said...

I think there is nothing wrong with the new Ads…. And to be honest beauty isn’t something we should be shame of… We should analysis these new Ads as the first improvement of the AUIS

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