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May 23, 2011

Dr. James Harrigan Punishes 48 Students for 'Plagiarism', Students Say They are Innocent

Dr. James Harrigan, the Academic Dean of Students and the Head of Students Affairs department, punishes 48 AUIS students because of 'academic dishonesty' and the students say that they are innocent.

The 48 students accused of plagiarism plan to boycott classes if they didn't get a satisfactory answer, says one students. 

Dr. Harrigan, the Dean of Students and the Head of Students Affairs department, wrote a letter to these students stating the following:

Dear (The name of the student)

Your professor, (the name of the professor) , has reported an instance of academic in your (the name of the class), which is your second such offense. According to AUI-S policy, a second offense results in the failure of the course in question. A third will result in expulsion from the university.

You have the right to appeal this decision. In order to do this you must submit a letter in writing to me, explaining the offense and why it is contested within seven days of my sending this notice to you. You will then receive a written response to your appeal within three days. Please refer to the Academic Catalog for the details of this policy.
James R. Harrigan
Dean of Students

Shvan Taha, one of the punished 48 students, says that he is innocent and he has not been aware of having any other plaigarism cases. 

"I didn't know that I have had any plaigarism cases before until I got the e-mail," he said.

According to the Academic Catalogue of AUIS, a student should be informed before punishing him/her for plaigairsm. 

" Professor/Instructor explains violation of AUI-S plagiarism policy to student and why they received the corresponding grade," states the AUIS Academic Catalogue,

Many of the 48 students claim that they had not been informed before of any other plagiarism cases by their instructor or Dr. James Harrigan. 

Hawta Ramadan, another punished student, shows his surprise for being punished for plagiarism.

"I am not a student who needs to cheat in order to get a good grade. I explained the topic for 1 hour and 45 minutes to my friends. And then I am punished for plagiarizing on a quiz," he said. 

Hawta also says that he has written an appeal to Dr. Harrigan has replied with one sentence:

"Your appeal is denied."

The students accuse Dr. James Harrigan of violating the Academic Catalogue of AUIS. 

"Dr. James knows that many of the students are innocent. But the wants to punish this large number of students just to teach a lesson to all the other students," said one students who preferred to remain anonymous. 

The students are planning to protest the decision made.

"We may boycott classes because many of us are innocent and we are not guilty in any way," said one of the students. 

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5 Comments: on "Dr. James Harrigan Punishes 48 Students for 'Plagiarism', Students Say They are Innocent"

AUIStudent said...

Plagiarism is a serious issue,however in our educational system it is still a new concept that needs to be explained and explained over and over again so that students are aware what it is and how they can avoid it since I think many of these students have been doing plagiarism without even being aware of that.

Tracy said...

Maybe the communication was poor in this case, but I do think that schools are fraught with issues of plagiarism in Kurdistan. Before students are blamed, there needs to be clearly communicated rules about plagiarism. In much of the world there is a very strict NO tolerance policy regarding plagiarism, and if AUI-S wants to provide an American caliber education, they are going to have to play by American rules on plagiarism, which are incredibly strict.

My experiences as an American student have been so extreme as not being allowed to have baggy clothes or water bottles during exams, sitting far apart from other students during tests, and submitting all written assignments to databases that make sure there is no sentence or part of a sentence in my work that is at all similar to anything on the internet or anything in another student's past or present work. I even know students who have been punished for using sentences they used in old papers and not citing themselves! It may seem strict, but this is the standard in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

Hawta is a student who always helps me in math. I am sure he doesn't need to cheat.....if he will be failed, I will be failed too because I need him always to teach me before going to math class.... know he can do solve all problems in math, so why does he cheat?I hope Dr.James will reconsider the issue.....Kawyar Omer

Anonymous said...

If they fail me in math class, they should fail all the students. They fail me because they think one loomed my paper, and if that be a reason, they must kick us all out and close the university. I am disappointed when I see the ones who really guilty of cheating going around without even be punsihed, but the serious ones the ones who really try hard and really are self-depent are pebnalized FOR NO REASON. I hope some can fix the probelm. Hawta Ramadan

Anonymous said...

I just want answer the one whose name is AUIS student: If you dear can prove that I cheated I myself decide to go home. If I dont deserve to study at College, I will quit myself. But you can prove that I did something wrong just by saying it. But remeber a reasonable accusation is not that easy. Hawta

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