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May 30, 2011

Dorm Students Meet, Give Administration Three Days to Answer Them

The dormitory students at the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani hold a meeting discussing the new dorm fees decided by AUIS administration. 

The students met in the AUIS basement having extensive discussions AUIS's decision to raise dorm fees. 

The students, who were from all the AUIS dorms, spoke in turn and gave their opinion. 

Sharif Hamza, an AUIS student, counted the meeting the first of that sort.

"This is for the first time AUIS students come together by themselves and for themselves without any interference on administration's part," he said. "We need to come up with some ideas and deliver them to the administration."

Ahmed Dilshad, another AUIS student asked if there is a policy at AUIS to exclude low income students.

"We have to ask the administration if there is a policy to exclude students who are not very high handed economically," he asked.

Kurdistan Fatih, an AUIS student, said the dorm students need to take action and be united. 

"I believe that we should take our steps as a united body. We have many options and we can achieve what we want if we remained united," she said. 

The meeting came to an end with electing a group of five people to deliver their message to the administration.

The students have proposed a solution for the problem by having a discount on the current prices. The proposal will be presented to the administration giving them 3 days to respond.  

The meeting was moderated by Sarbast Majeed and Dana Jaf, AUIS students. 

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