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May 19, 2011

Does the 'Chosen Nation' at AUIS Get Special Treatments, Ask AUIS Students

The American University of Iraq-Sulaimani students are not aware of many decisions and events related to them.

On May 18, 2011, a group of AUIS students from International Studies and Business Administration departments  met with the British Council General, Chris Bowers. But there was no public announcement prior to the event.

A student who prefered to remain anonymous told Student Eye that AUIS does many student-related things without telling them.

"In the previous years, some students were on a special list and they were the only ones who were invited to the events, and they were the only ones who were given exchange programs opportunities," he said.

Dara Ali, an AUIS sophomore, calls this kind of behavior "discriminatory".

"This is a discrimination against the majority of the students. All students in this university have a right to participate in those events. They should be told through e-mails or other ways," Dara said.

AUIS's criteria for choosing these students are not clear.

Hakeem Hama, an AUIS freshman, asks AUIS to tell the students on what basis they choose these students.

"As an AUIS student, I want to know why only a sepcific number of students are invited for these events. Is it because of money, intelligence or something else that we don't know of," he asked.
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1 Comments: on "Does the 'Chosen Nation' at AUIS Get Special Treatments, Ask AUIS Students"

AUIStudent said...

What is meant by "chosen nation"? Are you meaning a special ethnicity? I agree totally with the article but having a headline like this and quoting students from a specific ethnicity suggests that you are meaning the other ethnics groups represented in AUIS other than that of the quoted students. Be careful what you write guys. You have the respect of many. Don't start loosing it now.

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