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May 17, 2011

AUIS Council for International Studies Students Announced

Four AUIS students form a council for the International Studies students.

The Council for International Studies Students (CISS)  was announced today, May 18, 2011, in the presence of Dr. Athanasios Moulakis, AUIS provost. 

IS students asked Provost to define international studies for them and tell them what they are going to be in the future as international studies students. 

After one hour session of Q&A between Provost and the students on what International Studies is, the CISS founders spoke to the students.

"This will be an open organization for all AUIS students, and we will accept any contribution from any students," said Khadija Al - Waysi, one of the CISS founders.

Shwan Jamal, another CISS founder, promised IS students to work hard in order to get speakers and experts to AUIS to give speeches about politics and international studies. 

CISS's academic advisor is Dr. Brian Smith, AUIS professor. 

CISS group will inform AUIS community of its website and contact address 

CISS has published its mission statement in its Facebook group which is the following:

"The Council for International Studies Students (CISS) is an AUI-S, volunteer, non-partisan, student organization. CISS is a focal point for AUI-S students interested in the International Studies Major. This association functions to communicate information and facilitate participation in two aspects of International Studies (IS): IS related learning activities (clubs, talks, and events) and professional development for IS students (scholarships, internships, and employment)."

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