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May 19, 2011

AUIS Changes Website Design to be 'more Audience Centered'

The American University of Iraq-Sulaimani redesigns its website to be more audience centered , and an IT student says that the old design was better. 

The new design of the AUIS website, as the website moderators say, has tried to be make access to the main pages easier.

The website summarizes the main changes.

"Main navigation menu item line the top of every page an allow visitors immediate acess to the most perinent and useful pages and information," wrote the website. "These main categories, under which most of the content is organized, are About, Academics, Admissions, Research and Campus Life."

Dr. Athanasios Moulakis, the Provost, told AUIS website that he is happy about the new design.

"It is a more accurate reflection of this young institution's great progress since its establishment, and I hope it will bring even more attention to the great accomplishments of our students, faculty and staff," Dr. Moulakis said.

Dr. Moulakis's view of the new design is not shared by some of the IT students. 

Omer Nihad, AUIS student and designer 
Omer Nihad, an AUIS IT student, a designer and the owner of the Omergrahpics.com, says the old design was better than the new one.

"The new design doesn't have any wow-effect. There is no use of flash in the new design," he said. "The older design was better than this one because the previous one had filled all the space while the new one doesn't."

The old design of AUIS website 

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