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Apr 11, 2011

The Mysterious Man; I wish He was Smoking!

by: Bahman Abdulrahman
I believe we all agree that smoking is bad but not always, at least at AUI-S. We are lucky that the Dean of the Students is a smoker, in fact a chain smoker. You can have him hearing your problems while he is smoking in front of the main building, near a sign on which is written “No Smoking”, and few centimeters far from a garbage can in which there is nothing but cigarettes.
 Ironically, if he was not addicted to Nicotine and in love with Marlboro, he would otherwise become locked in his office like Mr. Mysterious. 
Mr. Provost, whom I rather would love to call Mr. Mysterious as, still, I cannot pronounce his name as it’s given to him. I admit, I believe I am in love with Mr. Mysterious, but unfortunately I know nothing about him and he surly knows nothing about me (plural). If he was a chain smoker, I would have been honored to have a little chat with him. I don’t know what is he responsible for, and how can we have him working on our difficulties while he is not smoking?
I apologize for the bad quality of my English and the inconstancy of my “argument”. For I am a pure product of EWPLI and English Comp 101.  I cannot go beyond simple sentences and I don’t know much about punctuation rules, but I would love to tell my Mr. Mysterious that he will be welcomed and talked to by the students like Mr. Dean, at least to improve “our” English.
My Comp instructor, whom I still do not have a name for, used to say “Every piece of writing must have a sort of ending”. I don’t know what sort it should be, but I will give it a try. Mr. Mysterious must understand that there is a lot going on just outside his office. He may, if he wanted, have a word and address the problems. If his work is to stay in an office and being silent, I see no point in knowing him. Finally, I will write more when, hopefully, my English will improve in Comp102, which is far from my expectation.     

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10 Comments: on "The Mysterious Man; I wish He was Smoking!"

Anonymous said...

Thanks...I think.

James R. Harrigan
Dean of Students

P.S. Maybe i like to come outside to talk to the students...just a thought.

Anonymous said...

good idea Mr. James. I swear I would be very, very happy when I see you smoking. you're very friendly as well, so whenever i see you, i would like to talk to you. hope you be more socialized with the students. keep going

Anonymous said...

Well written. well done......nice subject

Anonymous said...

again, this blog gives me hope each time i read an article in it. Good job guys.

Anonymous said...

"Delicious hands" dear writer. Good English!! ha!?
Yes, I learned that at AUIS. The creator of the future "presidents" of Iraq.

Anonymous said...

form now on, I am going to smoke in order to be sociallized!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

If you're so unhappy with everything around you, can you please explain why you still attend this university?

Anonymous said...

smoking does not make the dean friendly, i think he would be friendly without smoking but a little bit less. the provost wouldn't be friendly even if he smokes. the provost might not want to meet the students and listen to them, or he might not want to hear complains about everything that students usually say. there will be complains no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anony. wrote "If you're so unhappy with everything around you, can you please explain why you still attend this university?"
If I would have ur mind, hands, and mouth, i would have only eaten "excrement" by them because this is just not a good idea you pointed out and not for vertue of students.
So, go back to your leather; better for you

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