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Apr 3, 2011

A letter from Student Eye

Dear all,
We, as Student Eye staff, feel necessary to inform AUI-S students and faculty members to be conscious. Since, we still  support peaceful social activism; we call for a higher level of consciousness.
 Some out of control and law breaking youths have taken advantage of demonstrations and acted violently.  While we condemn these acts, we believe in superiority of law and on this basis AUI-S students joined Azadi Square on Thurdday 31, 2011.
However, we don’t ask student to go to Azadi Square or not, they themselves must decide. Peaceful protestors at Azadi Square will remain as they were over last 45 days, and they, perhaps, deserve supporting. These peaceful paces need labor from all, but we must be careful which part we join. Therefore, we ask all to pay more attention and stay out of trouble.    
Student Eye Team
Sunday, April 3, 2011
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2 Comments: on "A letter from Student Eye"

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they are all conscious while at work.

Anonymous said...

then again, maybe not.

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