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Feb 18, 2011

Sulaimani is not Secure: Students Ask AUI-S to Postpone Final Exams

KDP Hammer on Salm street
Friday Morning 
After the bloody events of yesterday, some AUI-S students ask the administration to postpone the final exams for a week. 

The students, mostly from cities outside Sulaimani, are forced by their families to not come back to Sulaimani under the current circumstances. 
According to the students, they are not ready psychologically to start the final exams right now. 

According to the last news, some of the Sulaimani youth are planning to restart the demonstrations today, Friday.   Large numbers of Kurdistan Democratic Party forces are waiting near to Sulaimani, while the main Gorran headquarters in Sulaimani is filled with people and militants defending the headquarters, also known as "Grdaka". 

Bahroz Kashani, Sulaimani governor, announced a curfew from 7 pm to 7 am. 

One of the students told Student Eye that no one is ready right now to enter the final exams week under the physical and psychological conditions at hand. 

AUI-S students' security and state of mind should be considered while deciding about the final date of the final exams. 

Here are some pictures from Sulaimani today, Feb. 18, 2011. 

Photos are from sbeiy.com and rudaw.net 

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4 Comments: on "Sulaimani is not Secure: Students Ask AUI-S to Postpone Final Exams"

Anonymous said...

this is funny that students do not wanna do their exams. u gotta be kidding me dude. what if they are living in Baghdad so that there will be no exams ever. we do not wanna get late because we are already late to this semester because we started to late for school. aui-s' students always want the opposite. for example, if the university tells them that we will postpone the exams, they will say oh no we wanna do it and we are so strong to face the situation

Anonymous said...

come on. yeh, what if it were bagdad?there would never been school. the examms do not need to be postponed. just be positive. let`s stop complaining.

Anonymous said...

no postpone, please. guys, it's a shame to ask to postpone the exams...what's happening is nothing comparing to other places in this country...be brave!

Anonymous said...

No pstpone , please. We want to take our exams on time. This is funny. I got only 4 days in this course, I'm tired, I want to get realeased of the exams.

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