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Feb 20, 2011

Dana Nawzer, the founder of the Studnet Eye, is arrested!

Dana Newzer

A source that witnessed the event told Student Eye that a  group of youths that their numbers were about a hundred wanted to make Sara Square a Kurdish Tahrir Sqaure, so they started a campaign there. Their first activity was praying. While they were in the middle of their prayer, an anonymous, that is considered to be a police officer, attacked them with tear gas. Thus, three people were strongly injured and the rest of the others were run away before finishing their prayer.

Few minutes later the same group retried to start another activity. They, to prove their resilient decided to stay there for the rest of the night. Again, police came to arrest them. Protesters faced harsh treatment by the police forces and they were beaten severely. Many were arrested and many others ran away. Unfortunately, Dana Newzar, a student of the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani, who is also the spokesman of the group, is arrested. Student Eye, tried to know were Dana Newzer is now being held, but our efforts ended in vain. Therefore, Student Eye will not stop until it finds out where Newzer is, and students will show their contamination in a zero time to oblige security forces to release him. Updates will be posted soon.
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8 Comments: on "Dana Nawzer, the founder of the Studnet Eye, is arrested!"

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear that
he is one of the best students
good be with him inshalla he will be fine

Mark G said...

Terrible. Dana is such a nice guy. I hope you find him and figure out what's going on...looking forward to the updates.

Anonymous said...

I am asking the authorities in AUI-S to take real care of this situation, He is your student! Dr. Barham can do anything, and I think you guys are in good relation with him, if you don't this shows you have no respect for your students!

Brwa said...

Students must be one voice in such situations.

Brwa said...

Students must be have one voice in such situations

Anonymous said...

We never let you to do whatever you want weak and destroyed government.If AUIS wont do something for him, we will have protest against them also.
can someone tell me what is the difference between Saddam and our dectator government, please?????
Game over worst government...

Anonymous said...

I am really sorry for kaka Dana God protects you... Walla it is not a government...where is the head of Kurdish Reign? is he asleep? please try to find him as soon as possible, and don't give up.

Anonymous said...

what was he doing in sara square?? what was his aims and ambtions in protesting?? why were they praying there??? (the reason of their praying)

all what i wanna say is that AUIS students should be more thoughtful than the other youths in iraq because that what happens when youths start to do reckless things before thinking!!

i do feel bad for what happened to Dana and i hope that he will teach from this lesson and start to think wise not act enthusiasticlly or emotionally again :(

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